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Destination : India

India is a land of wonders, love and ancient temple cities, where love letters are written on stone. Once you are touched by the magic of India, its hard to stop. India is a country steeped in history, diverse in landscape and abundant in just about every form of culture. It is beautiful, grand, fascinating and so full of life, energy and colour that you can never visit it just once.”


India Tour Destinations & Packages


There is more than one reason for choosing India as an Incentive Destination and as a venue for International conferences. India offers a prism of variegated and a broad spectrum of attractions from magnificent palaces, colourful festivals, moving sand dunes to majestic and snow capped Himalayas, verdant and virgin beaches, rare and rich wildlife to a multitude of awe inspiring architectural marvel of monuments and above all a glorious history spanning back to 5,000 years. The attractions are endless which generate a desire to see more and explore more…


From the proud palaces of Rajasthan to the serene backwaters of Kerala, India’s variety is inexhaustible. India, it has been said, should be looked upon as a continent, rather than a country. Its diversity of landscapes, cultures and custom is such that it would take a life time to experience it all.


India is a place that simultaneously astounds and confounds. From the Mughal glories of Agra in Uttar Pradesh to the tattooed tribes of Nagaland and the Buddhist monasteries of the Himalayas, its great kaleidoscope of cultures and landscape offers such extensive variety that it would, of course take an eternity to explore it all.


Few places in the world are so extravagantly rich in things to delight the senses as India. This vast sub -continent abounds in arresting fragrances, powerful colours, stirring Vistas, electric tastes. And it presents a constant dilemma: with so much to see, where does one start?


Events and theme parties to re-live the wonder and grandeur of India, its rich Royal past and its cultural heritage, is a thrilling experience. One can have Special extravaganza evening with the Maharaja amidst rich Indian music and classical dances savoured with the finest cuisine. Travel in the old vintage cars to most modern form of transport


India is strategically located and most flights take 7-8 hours and is served by almost all the airlines.


It is a continent which is a blend of different races, people, languages, Costumes and traditions. The people, the colours, the aroma of spices, the Souvenirs from its past and grand attractions will captivate you to come again and again. More than everything the warm smile and hospitality of its people is reinvigorating that transforms you from a visitor to friend.


Royal Rajputana Tour

15D / 14N
Day 01 : Arrive in Delhi On your arrival at New Delhi International Airport, meet our executive to Welcome & receive you , and transfer to...
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24D / 23N
Itinerary Day 1Kolkata Arrive at any time. Arrival Day and Welcome Meeting 1h18:00 The adventure begins tonight. Feel free to explore, but make...
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46D / 45N
Itinerary Day 1Delhi Arrive at any time. Arrival transfer included through the G Adventures-supported Women on Wheels project. Arrival Day and...
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6D / 5N
Itinerary Day 1Delhi Arrive in Delhi at any time. Included transfer to your hotel. Arrival Day Begin your adventure today. There are no planned...
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20D / 19N
Itinerary Day 1Delhi Arrive at any time.   Arrival Day and Welcome Meeting 1h18:00 The adventure begins tonight. Feel free to explore, but...
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  Itinerary Day 1Delhi Arrive any time. If you arrive early, wander through the heart of India’s capital city and explore Old and New...
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